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Lineage redistribution facilities

Lineage redistribution

Lineage Redistribution creates high-velocity TL shipments through consolidation of low-velocity LTL items from multiple suppliers. We provide short-term inventory management of LTO and seasonal menu items, and immediate inventory management relief from any stressors in the supply chain due to unforeseen events.


Lineage redistribution facilities

  • Conklin, NY
  • Arlington, TN
  • Hanover Park, IL
  • Wilmington, IL
  • Fort Worth, TX
* Customer specialized programs integrated in several Lineage cold storage locations
>35 million
Annual cases
>2,000 items
SKUs managed
Restaurants supported
>250 locations
DCs serviced
Vendors supported

Foodservice solution distribution centers

Last Mile Distribution (LFS)

Lineage Foodservice Solutions - Last Mile Distribution (LFS) was stood up in 2020 as a Distribution partner for four of the largest Fast Casual and QSR Brands. As their Last Mile Distributor, LFS is not only the warehouse and transportation provider, but we are more importantly their business partner. With an open book and transparent financial relationship, we work together to drive waste out of the system and create the most efficient delivery methods for both the restaurant partners as well as our drivers.


Foodservice distribution centers

  • Conklin, NY
  • Westborough, MA
  • Farmingdale, NY
  • Oakwood Village, OH
  • Hanover Park, IL**
  • Conklin, NY**
  • Terrell, TX**
** Dedicated last mile facilities for a single customer
>44 million
Annual cases
> 293,000
Annual deliveries
>20 million
Annual miles driven
Restaurants supported


Inbound and Outbound Transportation Solutions

Partnering with our Transportation Team, we can utilize our Carrier network to provide competitive pricing to move your freight in and out of our Redistribution and Last Mile Facilities as well as use our own drivers and fleet to utilize all backhaul opportunities available.


Our team of industry veterans work with your contracted Vendors to actively manage proper volumes to ensure supply and maintain high In Full Metrics in both our Redistribution and Last Mile facilities.


We operate our own Redistribution and Last Mile Distribution Centers with focus on accuracy and food safety. Our teams pride themselves on maintaining inbound receiving schedules to minimize Carrier delays and our experienced case selectors assure on time dispatches of Carrier or our own Lineage Drivers.

Last Mile Delivery

Our Drivers are industrial athletes, hand unloading your deliveries off Lineage fleet in all temperatures, rain and snow, day or night; focused on making sure you get your delivery on the day and time you expect it.


Outsmarting the industry's challenges

Cold Storage Warehousing

Our network of sophisticated, strategically located cold storage facilities is built to protect the integrity of your products and your brand.

Lineage Truck
Managed & On-demand Truckload Solutions

Big needs, small needs and every need in between. Our network combines speed, service and savings to reinvent your transportation experience right from the start.

Multivendor LTL Consolidation

Put our retail knowledge, expertise and scale to work. We handle the multiple requirements of retailers’ full network of customers to help keep things simple.

Supply Chain Engineering

Lineage can help you plan smarter and take your supply chain to the next level using cutting edge technology and advanced data analysis.

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